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  A Living Legacy

The purpose of a conservation easement is to protect and/or preserve some important aspect of the land identified as being of value to the community. A conservation easement normally permits the continuation of the use of the land by the owner at the time the easement is donated or purchased. The landowner continues to use and own their land and can freely sell or pass it on to their heirs as long as it remains subject to the restrictions set forth in the terms of the easement.

  Organized Land Conservancy

A land conservancy is a private, non-profit, community based organization that is established to protect land resources for the benefit of the public. Most often, the resources under the protection of a conservation easement have natural, scenic, agricultural, or historic value. A land trust aspires to conserve land by assisting with direct land transactions and primarily accepts donations of land or purchases conservation easements.

  Tax Benefits

There are several tax benefits associated with land that is placed in a conservation easement. These benefits will vary depending upon the landowner's income level and value of their estate, the value of the donation, and the legal means used to protect the property. As with many other charitable donations, it is always wise to contact an attorney or financial advisor about the tax implications of placing land in a conservation easement.