What is a Conservation Easement?

A conservation easement is a written agreement between a landowner and the “holder” of the conservation easement under which a landowner voluntarily restricts certain uses of the property in order to protect its natural, productive or cultural features of the land. The holder of the conservation easement can be a governmental entity or a qualified land protection organization, such as The Edmond Land Conservancy. Under a conservation easement, the landowner retains legal title to the property but agrees to limit the use of the land in order to carry out the conservation purpose. Read more about What is a Conservation Easement?

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What is a Land Trust?

A land trust is a charitable organization created to acquire land or conservation easements in order to achieve one or more conservation purposes, including protection of natural habitat, water quality, or scenic views, thereby ensuring that conserved land remains available for farming, forestry, or outdoor recreational use.


Land trusts work cooperatively with landowners to complete real estate transactions, sometimes purchasing property interests and sometimes accepting donations of those interests.

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